Pre Wedding

Indian Weddings signify much more than decorations, fineries, entertainment, wedding planners, mehendiwalis and flowers. First and foremost it is the union of two like minded hearts. Secondly it is a bond not only of two people for a lifetime commitment but also between two families. Thirdly Hindu marriages are elaborate occasions of rituals, customs and norms. Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies last for almost four to five days at a stretch. Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India forms an integral part of the Indian wedding Ceremonies.

India each region has a different way of celebrating Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India. These ceremonies are as significant as the main marriage ceremony and form an integral part of the whole gamut. Pujas and Yagnas are performed for the well being of the couple. Sangeet Ceremony is an occasion when the bride is blessed by her elders which is then followed by merrymaking, songs and dance. A mehendiwali is called forth on the occasion of Mehendi Ceremony who designs the bride’s hand with intricate patterns. Haldi is also regarded as an auspicious occasion by the Hindus. Both the bride and bride groom are smeared with Haldi. This ceremony is also known as Uptaan elsewhere in India. A paste is made from Turmeric, rosewater and sandalwood. The bride and the groom are barred from seeing each other after this ceremony till the marriage day